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Mindfulness Courses

They are what the say on the tin, but why mindfulness?

Mindfulness is simply learning to pay attention, in the present moment, without judgement.

Its magic lies in its simplicity. When we learn to be present, we free ourselves from the shackles of our thoughts, simply because we become aware we're having them in the first place. This creates a distance between ourselves and our thoughts that then enables us to choose our responses to both internal and external events. Taking back this power is both liberating and transformational and has the potential to impact every area of our lives.

So this year, take back your power and change your life. 

Caveat: This is a process that takes effort and commitment. These courses are for you if you're able and willing to commit to 6-8 weekly sessions lasting 90 minutes and up to an hour of daily practice. There will also be a financial commitment.

For your investment you will receive:

  • Guidance specific to your needs

  • A dedicated workbook to consolidate your learning

  • Guided meditation recordings that you can use forever

This is the proposed programme:

March/April - Living Mindfully: Mindfulness for Managing Stress

May/June - Sleep for Wellbeing: Managing Insomnia

July/August - Conscious Parenting for Beginners

September/October - Relating to Others: Mindfulness for Improving Relationships

Register your interest below to be the first to hear about venues, course dates and of course the cost.

Mindfulness Courses: About

Meet Ruth

With over 10 years of mindfulness experience as both practitioner and coach, Ruth loves nothing more than to guide her clients to true lasting happiness, with love, compassion and more than a little sprinkling of humour.

As Mum to a young toddler and entrepreneur, Ruth understands the challenges posed by the pace of modern life and the importance of forging strong emotional bonds. She therefore understands just how vital it is to embrace self-awareness, rest and connection. Remember, we're human beings, not human doings!

In her spare time, Ruth loves to dance and continues to pursue her passion on the social salsa scene.

Mindfulness Courses: Welcome

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